What Does CellWine Discover After Launching for 1 Year?

CellWine attracts more than 60,000 worldwide wine lovers using this APP to manage their cellars and note every moment with wine tasting after launching for one year.
According to the latest statistics from CellWine, people from France love to collect wines the most, follow by people from Italy, America, Spain, and Australia. 
The most interesting part from the stats report from CellWine is people from Asia countries are even more active in wine collecting than European countries, especially in Taiwan, Macau and Hong Kong. 
CellWine values user’s experience and strives to complete their wine journey by meeting user’s needs. The coming up stage of CellWine will be AI Sommelier and wine social feature. No need of life time experience, everyone can pick the ideal wine for every occasion easily. Also, the coming up social feature lets you meet wine friends from all the world. Wine tasting is not limit to premium lifestyle now, through CellWine, you can find that wine is closer to your life than you think it is.