CellWine is a technology company that develops wine management software and provides wine storage and marketplace services.

CellWine launched its first mobile application featured wine data management tools and an integrated wine community service in 2017.  The CellWine mobile application soon became one of the top 5 wine apps among other popular wine apps such as Vivino and Wine Searcher.  Our mission at CellWine is to become a global wine community and a trading platform for all wine lovers and collectors.

Since CellWine App was launched in June 2017, it has attracted over 100K downloads, with over 10K MAU.  As of now, we have collected more than 500K bottles of wines data from our users with an average price of $134.  That is over 67M worth of wines stored in the CellWine system.

In 2019, CellWine has began to offer personal “wine assistant” service.  The CellWine team provides onsite service to help users in Taiwan to organize and import their wine data.  Wine lovers used to spend a lot of time searching for their wines in their own collection. Using CellWine app, users now has more controls and access their wine data.

Next, CellWine is planning to launch its next service - an O2O wine storage service. In 2019 Q2, we will start to offer a physical wine storage space to our users and wine lovers in Taiwan. In addition to help our users managing their wine data, CellWine is aiming to solve their problem of limited wine storage spaces at home.   Combining with the software we have developed, we will be able to provide our users tools to monitor their wine collections. Users will be able to send us their wines in bottles or boxes from home or directly from their online wine-purchase orders. After we receive their wines, we will identify the wine by searching and matching the wine labels in our wine database and then store their wines in a professional wine storage environment.  Users will use CellWine app to view their wine collections and start receiving market price updates about their wines. When the time comes, users may choose to have CellWine ship and deliver their wines to their house or sell their wines to other users. We hope to give our users a complete control and access to their wine collections and data. The CellWine O2O service will be offered in a flexible rate so even one single bottle can be stored at CellWine.  We hope this flexible plan can accommodate users with small to large number of wine collections.

In summary, CellWine offers a complete wine experience for all the wine lovers, collectors, enthusiasts, and explorers. If you love wines like us at CellWine, you should give CellWine a try. Cheers!