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CellWine is the best and only app for managing your Wine Collection and meeting other wine lovers around the world.

Manage Your Wine story

Scan Wine Labels, Keep Track of Your Wine Collections, and Share Your Wine Notes with other Wine Lovers

As a Wine Collector

Scan Wine Labels to track your wines is easier than ever. Keep track of multiple cellars and locations in one single app. log the cost and quantity of your collections any time, anywhere! Receive the personal notification feed for the latest market value and price trend prediction on your phone.

  • Scan to track
  • Multiple cellars
  • Log cost and quantity
  • Latest evaluation and trend

As a Wine Lover

Review food pairing, drinking window, and drinking temperatures.... So that you get to enjoy wines in their best condition. Your personal preference is most important! With simple clicks and selections, you can record your own rating scores, flavors and aroma in your personal wine tasting notes easily. Treasure every wine moment and keep them with CellWine. Record your wine memories at anytime.

  • Review Food Pairing and Drinking Windows Recommendation
  • Write Personal Tasting Notes
  • Build your Wine Fan Page

As a Wine Explorer

Not sure if it is a good wine to buy? Ask the CellWine wine lovers from all over the world to give you their recommendations. You can also share your wine insights with others. Be the one to lead the wine trend! What's more? Exploring wine moments from different time zones anytime is really interesting. Just follow famous wine experts in CellWine Wine Moments. You can create your own wine fan page!

  • Explore different Wine Moment Posts
  • Follow a Wine Fan Page


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